Tuesday, 21 November 2017

You May Require Chiropody London Advice In Case Of This Winter Foot Problem

Ever heard of chilblains?

Chilblains refer to an inflammatory skin condition triggered by a prolonged exposure to cold, damp conditions. You are most likely to notice them on a cold, damp day during winter once you have moved inside and are warming your feet when affected toes all of a sudden get all itchy, swollen, and painful. The chilblain is characterized by a small patch of red or purple hue. You will not have them hanging around for more than a couple of weeks during which they will go through stages of itching and soreness, especially when your feet are warm and snug in bed.

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Whom do they attack?

Women are more susceptible to this foot condition than men, particularly those in the young to middle age group. It is more pronounced in those who are already suffering from conditions such as Raynaud’s phenomenon that affect the blood supply to the hands and feet. The strangest thing is that chilblains occur mostly in the UK and areas of Northern Europe but are rarely found anywhere else in the world to the extent that most countries treat it as a “rare” disease.

Why the discrepancy?

This bias can be put down directly to the climatic condition. Many other countries have cold winters but they do not register cases of chilblains due to the humidity. Winters are not only cold but also damp in UK and Western Europe, providing the perfect thriving ground for chilblains. Places such as Antarctica may have far lower temperatures but do not experience this issue as the humidity is also low. It is thus little wonder that chiropody London practitioners specialize in curing this disease.

Can something be done about them?

There is not much that you can do if you have fallen prey to the chilblains condition. Try to avoid the extremes of temperatures in such scenarios so that they are less itchy. Avoid the temptation to toast them by the fire or while bathing in hot water. Similarly, if you are going out in the cold, put on two pairs of warm, wool socks to keep out the cold.

Chemists are likely to keep stock of chilblain creams and these will provide some relief during itchy times but in general you just have to let them run the course. In case the condition aggravates and becomes ulcerated you would be advised to consult a chiropodist or podiatrist for expert guidance.


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