Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tips for Foot Care from Experienced Chiropodist

The foot is the important part of your body as it carries the whole weight of the body. So, foot problem is a very natural thing to happen. This can be the cause of knee, back, and hip pain. You should consult a Chiropodist to give your feet the proper treatment.

Here are some of the foot care advices from experienced Chiropodists –

Wear the right kind of shoes:

Different types of shoes are available for different activities. Try to wear smart and comfortable shoes while you are in the office for the whole day. Wear high heels in the special occasions only because it put uneven pressure on your feet. Hiking shoes are best for mountain climbing, flip-flop at the beach and wear a comfortable one for when you are on a long sightseeing. The chiropodist in London can help you to choose the appropriated footwear for you.

Keep the feet clean:

Wash your feet regularly and dry them properly can prevent calluses, toenail fungus, and corns. Maintain a routine to keep the feet healthy-
  • Wash them daily with warm soapy water, especially the toes
  • Apply moisturizing cream
  • Use pumice stone or foot file to smooth out heels
  • Cut toenails with proper nail clippers to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Give peppermint foot bath to your feet occasionally
Don’t go barefoot:

You can walk barefoot in your home and ground, but in public places like road, hotel, beach it is better to not go barefoot. This may attract several foot problems. Always protect your feet in the public places.

Protect from sunburned:

When you are in the sun for a long period of time, your feet can be sunburned. Apply sunscreen all over the feet, this can help you to keep hydrated and reduce foot swelling.

Shoe shopping in the afternoon:

The best time to buy shoes is afternoon! Sounds awkward?? The fact is that in the afternoon your feet are in the largest size. So if the shoes fit your feet in the afternoon you are assured that is will be comfortable.

Pay attention to your feet problems like changing color, cracks or cuts, peeling or scaling or any other serious problems. Especially the diabetic patient and people above 60 ages should be more conscious about their feet. When you are above 60 your feet don’t cooperate with you like before. So don’t ignore any kind of foot pain. Contact a Chiropody London specialist as soon as possible.


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