Friday, 22 July 2016

Know The FAQs Regarding Nail Fungal Infections And Their Answers

Nowadays, nearly 10% of the world population has been affected by fungal nail infections. Such infections are also known asonychomycosis, which are caused by various harmful pathogens including dermatophyte. These infections can cause a nail to change color and become brittle and flaky.

Due to the emergence of lunula laser treatment, these infections are being cured easily. It is important to know about fungal nail infections so that they can be cured easily to avoid any risks. Here are the frequently asked questions about the fungal nails infections and their answers.

Who can get such infections?
This infection can affect anybody. It is important to take care of the toenails and the fingernails to avoid such infections. The people who can get affected by this are -

• The people who face low blood circulation.
• Dull growing of nails.
• Genetics
• Wearing socks all the time that prevents ventilation.
• Being barefoot at damp public places.
• The people who are suffering from diseases like AIDs, HIV or weak immune system.

What are the various symptoms of such infections?

The various symptoms of fungal nail infections have been listed below -

• Thickened nails
• The nails change color to yellow or brown.
• The nails turn brittle and flaky.
• The nail starts to get separated from the bed of nail.
• A slight pain in the nails.

How to prevent fungal nail infections?

There are many preventive measures that one must take in order to avoid the fungal nail infections. Some of them have been enumerated below -

• Keeping the nails dry, short and clean.
• Wearing synthetic socks that allow ventilation.
• Regularly using the anti-fungal creams and sprays prescribed by the doctor.
• Not biting the nails.
• Constantly wearing sandals or shoes at damp public places.
• Using sterilized tools for pedicures and manicures.
• Not using nail polishes ever.

What are the treatments?

The fungal toenail treatment requires both time and commitment. A person suffering from the fungal nail infections has to stay committed towards the intake of the medicines. Many doctors prescribe oral medicines to cure such infections. However, these medicines take a lot of time to eliminate the fungus, whereas many doctors also suggest removing the infected nail.

The lunula laser treatment is a new invention that helps in eliminating the infection within a short period of time. This treatment is a short procedure that lasts about 12 minutes. A person is required to apply sprays and cream for a while after the treatment. This treatment is popular because it is painless and efficient.


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