Friday, 22 July 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Nail Fungus Treatment - Lunula Laser

Our toenails are that part of our body that is usually neglected by us. Most of us are never bothered about taking care of our toenails. However, recently the cases of nail fungus have increased. Nevertheless, the emergence of the lunula laser treatment has proved to be a boon for those suffering from this infection. This treatment is not only painless but is effective as well. Here are all the details that you must know about the lunula treatment.

What is nail fungus? - Causes and Risks
The nail fungus can also be called as onychomycosis. This can affect the toenails and the fingernails of a person. These infections are usually caused by various harmful pathogens due to humidity. The various causes of fungal nail infections includes -

• The nail turning yellow or brown.
• There is a lack of lustre.
• Crumbly or brittle nails.
• Distorted nail shape etc.
These infections can cause a reduction in the blood circulation, which can be very harmful.

Which is the best treatment for fungal nails infection?
Recently, Lunula treatment for treating fungal nail infections has become popular. Many people suffering from such infections are trying out this treatment. Most of the patients have been cured by this treatment, which proves it efficiency. The following are the characteristics of the lunula treatment -

• There is a coalition of two powers of lasers, which are directed on the toenails of a person. This laser is able to cover and treat the entire nail including the nail bed.

• The procedure starts by the doctor taking the pictures of your toenails to get a deep insight. After studying it properly, the doctor starts the process.

• The treatment lasts for 12 minutes each foot.

• There is no sensation or pain, which is felt by the patient.

• The lasers which are directed are not harmful are they are used at low settings.

• There are no oral medicines involved during or after the procedure.

It must be noted that the patient will not feel any vast difference in his/her nail. There is noticeable difference, as the nail slightly appears thin. The difference can be noted over a period of time. The doctor will give medicinal creams and anti-fungal sprays, which will help your nail to get cured better. Lunula treatment is advisable for those who are suffering from fungal infections in their fingernails as well. In addition, the doctor will guide you through the procedures and will give you tips to improve your nail by eliminating the fungus.


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