Monday, 26 October 2015

Risk Factors Which Amplifies Toenail Fungus

Nails are the dead cells of human body which are forced out from the human body. These nails are constructed of keratin and they don’t have any kind of sensitivity in them.  These nails are very helpful in protecting fingertips and soft tissues from getting damaged.Along with the protection, nails are also very helpful in identifying the health and physiological imbalance in human body. But, if the toenails are cracked, broken or there is gap between the nail and nail bed, then chances of getting fungus is high.

Toenail fungus is highly dependent upon the medical condition, diet and type of life style. Because, people who are suffering from diabetes and people who mostly stay in moist place, likely gets infected very fast with the toenail fungus. Hence, it becomes necessary to consult podiatric. A podiatric is a doctor, who is specialised in diagnosing and treating the medical conditions related with foots.   An experienced podiatric can acquire lots of information just by looking at the condition of patients toenails and accordingly provide the necessary fungal nail treatment.
Following are the risk factors which amplifies the chances of toenail fungus in human body:

1.    As a person starts to grow old, he encounters various problems such as reduced flow of blood in body, low immune system to fight with infection and slower growth of nails. All these factors contribute in amplifying the risk of getting infected by nail fungus.
2.    According to the survey, it is found that men get more infected by the fungus as compared with the women. 
3.    People who have a family history of fungal infection are more likely to get infected by this toenail fungal infection.
4.    Wearing shoes and socks that obstruct the flow of fresh air in the skin and has poor perspiration absorption can increase the risk of fungal infection.
5.    Athletes and people who experience rough foot and excessive wear and tear in their nails are more likely to get affected with this condition.
6.    This infection is contagious; therefore living with someone who is already infected with the fungal infection will increase the risk of getting infected.
7.    Walking barefoot in the areas like swimming pool and shower room increases the chances of getting the toenail fungus.

Hence, by avoiding above mentioned risk factors, one can easily avoid getting infected by this contagious fungal infection and stay healthy.


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