Monday, 26 October 2015

Preventive Tips For Avoiding Toenail Fungus

In present scenario, everyone is concerned about their looks, health and their hair but somehow they ignore the importance of healthy toenails. A toenail tolerates the most wear and tears in all conditions. They are usually covered in socks and shoes which increase the chances of getting infected by the fungus.

A fungus is a microscopic organism which do not require sunlight to survive, they usually intrude inside the body through the cut, crack or from the gap between nail and nail bed. Fungus mostly attacks toenails because they get warm and moist environment, which is very favourable for their growth.

A person who is suffering from this infection, experiences the thickened, brittle, distorted and dull nails which are dark and yellowish in colour. Sometimes patients also suffer from the pain and bad order. Therefore, it is advisable for suffering person to seek a help from experienced doctor and get a treatment for fungal nail infection. Apart from the treatment it is necessary for everyone to follow the following precautionary measures to avoid this type of infection:

1.    Always remember to dry your foot after washing it with soap and water.
2.    Always clip the toe nails regularly so that they don’t break or get damaged.
3.    Avoid wearing damp socks and shoes which can cause infection in future.
4.    Wear shoes that are proper in size and the material of shoes can avoid water.
5.    Always select the socks made up of synthetic fibre, which gets dry more easily and quickly as compared with wool or cotton.
6.    Always remember to apply antifungal powder or sprays before going to public places like pools and toilets.
7.    Ensure that your pedicure tools in a parlour are properly sterilized to avoid any infection.
8.    Never share your socks and shoes with another person to avoid getting infected by someone else.
9.    Always wear breathable socks to avoid getting sweaty feet’s.
10.    Disinfect the home pedicure tools and keep the doormats clean.

It is a well-known fact that precaution is always better than cure, therefore proper hygiene along with regular inspection of nails and feet’s can avoid the fungal infection. Hence, from the above mentioned precautionary tips, one can easily avoid the condition of fungal infection. If a person gets infected with the fungus, it is always better to get a professional treatment from the doctors to avoid complexity.


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