Monday, 26 October 2015

Medical Treatments For Nail Fungus

A healthy nail always looks pretty. Toenails may not play the major part in enhancing the appearance but, it indeed helps in amplifying the overall appearance. Like the other parts of human body, nails too need proper care and maintenance to look healthy and beautiful.

Toenails experience the least care and treatments from the people; hence they can easily get infected from the fungus.  This fungus can grow on the nails and if proper treatment is not done they can spread to the neighbouring nails. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the doctor to cure this condition. Nowadays, with the advancement of new technologies and treatments, it has become easier to have a fungal nail infection treatment.  There are following types of treatments available for the infection, depending upon the medical history of the patient and level of the infection:

1.    Over the counter medication:
In this type of treatment doctors prescribe different types of medicines to cure the infection. These medications help in breaking the cell walls of fungus, which triggers the death of fungal cells.  Some medication also helps in changing the PH level of fungus, which causes them to die. This process is very safe and usually patients do not experience any type of side effects.

2.    Oral antifungal medication for fungal infection:
Doctors prescribe various types of medicines to their patients to damage the cell wall of their nail fungus, which will ultimately trigger the cells of fungus to die. This type of medication increases the chance of liver failure or damage, resulting in the process of liver transplant. Hence, doctors religiously take the blood test to check the condition of kidney and liver for the treatment.  

3.    Laser treatment:
In this type of procedure, laser beams and heat is concentrated directly on the fungus cell wall, which helps in eliminating them from the root. This procedure is also helpful in increasing the growth of nails.

4.    Nail surgery: 
In this procedure the particular nail area is treated by removing the respective infected section and clearing the nail bed, after which healthy nail will grow back in some time.

From the above listed treatment procedures, one can get rid of the toenail fungus problem and can acquire a healthy looking nail. The success rate of these treatments is pretty high and they are helpful in eliminating the pain caused by the fungus in the nails.


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