Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Get Expert Opinions and Receive Exclusive Treatments for Curbing Fungal Infections!

It is true that prevention is better that cure. Same is the case with fungal infections. Treating the affected area at the very beginning of the appearance of symptoms would cure it, but if it does not, it is advisable to go and visit an expert. Still wondering why it is so essential? Well here lie the reasons:

Proper diagnosis is essential

·         Expert advice should not be always taken from beauticians and assistants, but from doctors as some cases can be much more complicated than one can think of.

·         The proper diagnosis can be only done after minutely examining the scrapings from beneath the infected nail under a compound microscope.

·         For culturing, the samples must be sent to a laboratory with expert assistance.

·         The test shall also determine what kind of fungus is causing the infection, so that exact medicines can be prescribed.

Follow the prescription

·         Anti fungal medicines should be taken at the prescribed time for a couple of months. The time is usually longer for toenails than finger nails.

·         Routine tests to check the side effects of these medicines on liver are usually done in complicated cases.

Getting a laser treatment

This is perhaps the most advanced kind of fungal nail treatment till date which is painless and also hassle free. Lunula laser treatment and Podilase, uses low level laser beams to kill all the thriving fungus and give a permanent release. The therapy is non-invasive and involves no risk at all.

People from every age group can undergo this laser therapy. Children, women and men can get treated with this proven and highly effective therapy at its best.

Nail surgeries are a common thing now!

Removal of nails is important in cases where patients suffer from severe infections or ingrown nails. This is also essential in cases where the nails of the person is very thick or has turned black or yellow. After attending regular post surgery re-dressing sessions is a must to avoid any further occurrence of infection.


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